The Ascent™ Aluminium walkway system has been developed to suit a complete range of rooftop applications.

The walkways are designed to create a level anti-slip walking surface and to afford protection to the both the user & the standing seam roof.

The walkway has been engineered as a system that can fit to 305, 400 or 500 seam centres.

Aluminium Standing Seam roofs, whilst visually very strong are rather awkward to walk on. The Ascent™ Aluminium walkway solves this problem creating a level anti-slip walking surface that can be protected with handrail to either one or both sides.

Where a walkway ascends / descends a roof slope the Ascent™ Aluminium walkway system can be laid to the roof falls (up to 3 degrees – as per BS EN 516), with the introduction of additional grip features / ribs this can be increased / ramped up to 20 degrees, where the slope exceeds 20 degrees the Ascent walkway would be stepped.

The Ascent walkway is approved for use on The Kalzip Standing Seam roofing system & is manufactured in accordance with CE Marked Fabrications & CE Accredited Fabrications and are tested to BS EN 516:2006 Class 1 Type C.

Examples of Ascent Aluminium walkway laid to falls of the roof

Ascent walkway
Ascent™ Walkway Parallel

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