The Ascent Aluminium walkway handrail system can withstand both general duty (nominally 0.36 kN loading) and heavy duty (nominally 0.74 kN loading) without the need for additional braces – allowing it to be located closer to the roof edge / gutter. The handrail system is tested in accordance with BS 4592, BS 13700 and BS 14122 where possible taking into account each standards test loads.

The handrail has the additional benefit that it can be fitted direct to the standing seam of the roof where a walkway system is not required.

The Ascent walkway handrail can be affixed to all configurations of the walkway, levelled, laid to falls and stepped.

Examples of an Ascent walkway to standing seam roof complete with handrail.

Ascent walkway Handrail
Ascent walkway Handrail
Ascent™ Walkway with Handrail
Ascent walkway Handrail
Ascent walkway levelled

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